Union History

Union Telephone Company was founded in 1914 by Wyoming rancher John D. Woody, when he realized there was a need for telephone service in the rural parts of the undeveloped west. As with most new businesses, the early years were full of challenges, but hard work paid off as Union expanded to now offer wireless communication services. Today, this pros-
perous, family-owned company provides advanced telecommunications services along with employment opportunities for people in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.


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Union Wireless Network Outage

November 18, 2016: At approximately 9:00 pm on Thursday, November 17th, 2016, Union Wireless experienced a network wide disruption. According to John Woody, CEO for Union Wireless, “While performing routine maintenance, a failure in the STP (Signaling Transfer Point) occurred; a unit that handles calls from one switch to another and routes traffic (calls and text messages) from customer handsets to their destination. Although redundancies are built into the system to prevent such a disruption, the back-up unit also failed for an unknown reason. Technicians from Union Telephone as well as the manufacturer of the STP are working to restore service as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Woody further stated “We apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this outage has caused. We also know how important our service is to the region, not only for our customers, but for the hundreds of thousands of people with other carriers that roam on our network. We are determining what caused the outage as well as taking steps in preventing future similar issues.”

About Union Telephone Company

Union Telephone Company, founded in 1914 by John D. Woody, expanded into wireless communication and data services in 1990. The company owns and operates over 550 transmitters and broadcasts from over 400 locations. With corporate headquarters in Mountain View, WY, the company has 14 retail locations and serves tens of thousands of subscribers in Wyoming, northwestern Colorado and parts of Utah and Montana covering nearly 80,000 square miles.

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