Blog posts of '2018' 'May'

My Union: How To Access Your My Union Account
At, all customers can gain access to their accounts 24/7.
Howard Woody: World War II Veteran
Excerpts form Howard Woody's biography and his time During WWII: I’ve seen so much wickedness in my life. The war was terrible. I’ve been fifty years trying to forget it. -Howard Woody
Union Wireless Sweepstakes
Enter to win a Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking
iPhone 2017 Flagship Phones
In 2017, iPhone gave birth to triplets: the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X -fraternal on the outside, but internally, almost identical. Here are the stats that matters most...
What is Domestic Violence?
For many years now, the Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SAFV) Task Force has been in the business of helping Domestic Violence victims gain access to the right resources that will help them exit the terrifying grip of violence. But, what is considered Domestic Violence?
National Police Officers Memorial Day: Family
The question, “What do you wish people knew about the men and women who serve as police officers?”, was posed to the employees of Union Wireless. Three came forward willing to share. Here is their perspective...
National Police Week
Those who have strong ties with police offers and especially those who have lost a friend or loved one in the line of duty, recognize National Police Week and resonate with the meaning of The Blue Line Flag.
iPhone 7s and 7 Plus -What’s the Difference?
“Should I buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?” They aren’t very different from the 6 series but there are some impressive improvements.