Blog posts of '2019' 'August'

The Labor Day Bucket List
Labor Day is just around the bend. For most Americans, it means three things, good food, good friends, and great shopping sales. But doesn't this kinda sound familiar? It's not much different than a few of our other favorite holidays like Independence Day or Thanksgiving. So, how can you make this holiday stand out from all the others?
How to Deal with Stress: Five Strategies
Five methods to deal with stress in a healthy way.
How to Say No
"No" is an intimidating thing to hear and say. Here are a few tips on how to say "No" and some tools to recognize manipulations.
How to Be Respectful: Listen, Forget Yourself and Forgive
"There is only one thing a person needs to be happy," this old Army drill sergeant pushed his cap further up his leathered head and continued, "respect for who they are."
Five Tips on Preparing for the New School Year
A few survival strategies on getting your kiddos up and ready for a new school year. Included in this article are tips on the uses of dog tongues, water spritzers, and lamination!