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Finding Peace with the Past: Genealogy 101
Researching your genealogy begins with names and dates of significant life events like birth, baptisms, marriage, and deaths, but this isn't what makes family history fascinating. It's the "dash" between the dates that attract millions of people to discover the story of their origins. Start your journey to self-discovery through family history with these five steps!
Black History Everyone Should Know
February is National Black History Month, a time designated for all to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and recognize their early and continued contributions to American history. Read more to find out five things about African American history that you didn't learn in school: the truth about the Lone Ranger, Betty Boop, and other intriguing histories.
How to Write a Thank You Card to General Sherman
No matter where you go, whether to another country or a trip back into history, the words thank you are powerful. Here are three simple steps on how to write a thank-you note.
National Native American Heritage Month
National Native American Heritage Month is an annual designation observed in November. During this time, we celebrate the diverse and rich culture, history, and traditions of Native people.
Hispanic Heritage Month: A Rocky Mountain Legacy
National Hispanic Heritage Month began September 15th and runs through October 15th. But what does it all mean to those living in the United States who do not have direct Spanish ancestry?