The Rockies Road Trip Summer Reading List
All road trips need three things: a cold drink, a great destination, and a captivating audiobook. With the advent of wireless devices, everyone can listen to the same book or their own. Check out the list below to inspire your road adventure reading list.
June 14th: National Flag Day
Flags Flow Fearlessly Fast. Try saying that a few times quickly! After your lingua workout, learn a bit more about our American flag and how to display and take care of it.
In the Beginning: The True Story of Emoji
Emoticons and the “Have a Nice Day” t-shirt got married and had a child called Emoji. No, that isn’t what really happened, but who doesn’t want to hear a happily ever after story? The truth behind our beloved emojis is still interesting.
Autonomous Cars: Is This the End of Road Warriors and Sunday Drivers?
Autonomous cars are no longer a thing of the future.
Memorial Day: Pause and Reflect
Memorial Day, aka Decorations Day, began in 1868 by the countless mourners that the Civil War had left behind. Over a million died, three percent of that era’s population. The trauma lasted generations, and with each additional war, the people sought solace as they mourned and remembered on a communal day of remembrance: Memorial Day.
How to Be Creative
If you desire to be creative, then stop being “original” like everyone else.
Spring Cleaning for Electronics
It is a given that when the weather warms the windows demand to be opened. But in the process, you notice how dingy the windows are, spurring the traditional frenzy called Spring Cleaning. But there is one part of this yearly tradition that your grandparents never had to worry too much about, electronics.
Wyoming Relay Service: 711
The Wyoming Relay offers individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and/or have a speech disability to place and receive telephone calls with anyone with access to a phone. It is a free public service.
How to Password
When you choose to be proactive with managing your passwords, you won't have to rely on luck to remember them.
Alexander Graham Bell: An Overnight Success
National Telephone Day cannot be celebrated without mentioning Alexander Graham Bell. His overnight success took him over 30 years to achieve. But the telephone isn't the only thing he invented!