COVID-19 Customer Letter From Chief Officers

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

We hope you, your family and loved ones are staying healthy and well.

It’s been three weeks since we last reported to you about Union’s response during the COVID-19 outbreak. Over that short period, our nation has had to adapt to a shelter-in-place lifestyle. As a result, our network is experiencing an unprecedented increase of roughly 28% in Internet traffic levels. Rest assured that our engineers and technicians continue to work around the clock – literally – to support your communication needs as best we can.

Broadband access has proven incredibly important as we adapt to spending more time at home, attending school, and working from home. To help ensure you have adequate bandwidth, on March 17th, we upgraded all broadband customers to the maximum available Internet speed at their location. This upgrade is free and will run for 60 days, until May 17th.

We also recognize that not all households have access to high-speed internet service and that some people live in remote areas where a reliable broadband connection is not available. To address this, we’ve created a series of FREE WiFi hotspots outside of Union retail stores. This service is available to our customers and non-customers alike at no cost. Visit for locations.

Likewise, working with local school districts, we also installed WiFi hotspots that broadcast to school parking lots. Some of these hotspots are already active. Visit for locations.

The communities Union serves are also the communities where our employees live. We greatly appreciate all those who are helping our hometowns to meet the challenges created by the novel coronavirus through:

  • Funding for the Meals on Wheels program to feed seniors.
  • Gifts of food as part of an appreciation program for the work being performed by doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff.
  • Publication of a Social Distance Dining guide in the local newspaper.
  • Sponsorship of a Grocery Gift Card program for recently unemployed members of the community.
  • Supporting a series of “take a break” online classes during this time of extra stress.

We’ll eventually return to our normal lives. As our communities work together to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, our employees will continue working to make sure the wireless and broadband services you rely on are there for you.



Union’s Chief Officers