The Labor Day Bucket List

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Labor Day
 is just around the bend. For most Americans, it means three things, good food, good friends, and great shopping sales. But doesn't this kinda sound familiar? It's not much different than a few of our other favorite holidays like Independence Day or Thanksgiving. So, how can you make this holiday stand out from all the others?

A Bucket List is a number of experiences or achievements that a person does to have or accomplish during their lifetime. These are big dreams that can act like fuel, getting you through difficult times. They are the WHY that gets you through your HOW. When writing your bucket list, you have to dare to be honest with yourself and brave enough to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

In the writing world, we have an exercise called "freewriting". It's a great tool that's akin to a warmup jog before a major run. During a freewriting warmup, you write everything down that comes to your mind, even if it doesn't make any sense. There is no stopping to erase or correct grammer, just the flow of constant writing.
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To get your bucket list flow going, you will need quiet, a clean sheet of lined letter paper and a pen. Make sure you use a pen and not a pencil because, remember, you are not allowed to erase or cross anything off. Then start jotting down all of the experiences you want to have. Dig deep and remember the daydreams of your youth. DO NOT DO THIS ON THE COMPUTER! Why? Because writing ideas by hand increases the mental and spiritual connection between your thoughts and the reality you want to have –the latter cannot exist without the former.

Once your list has filled all the horizontal lines on the front of your page, stop. Now go back and circle the top four. These four are now your focus for the next year. Complete a goal each quarter. If this method doesn't quite do it for you, then make no excuses. Find one that will help you fulfill your dreams.

Go celebrate this Labor Day by checking off something on your Bucket List. You work hard, so take a day, the weekend or transfigure a three-day weekend into a four-day one. Go make it happen. And don't forget to share your experiences with us on our Facebook page! @UnionWireless

Contributed by Angelica Mecham