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Protect your family from all the dangers of the online world, so you can enjoy all that the online world can provide.

Dashboard Overview

Simple, easy-to-use interface to help you control and monitor your internet experience.

Online Security, it's a BIG DEAL!

Keep your devices, home network, and online identity safe with constantly updated security features, right at your fingertips.

Managed by Union and controlled by you.


Provided complimentary to you with your broadband service, CommandIQ is a smartphone app that puts you in charge of your home network. With the app, you can personalize your Wi-Fi network name and password, categorize your devices, create routines for scheduled downtime, create temporary guest networks, and hear directly from us about any network or community updates. All of this is at no cost to you, and can be accomplished with just a few swipes.


ProtectIQ is a network-level security service that protects all devices connected to your Wi-Fi… If it’s connected, it’s protected! The service proactively monitors incoming traffic and automatically blocks anything suspicious, provides active security monitoring, and uses Intrusion Prevention Settings (IPS) to monitor, notify, and prevent nefarious activity such as hackers trying to gain access to your devices.


ExperienceIQ is a must when it comes to maximizing, managing, and monitoring your home. With custom profiles for everyone in the home, easy-to-use content and parental settings, and bandwidth prioritization, managing your home network has never been easier. You set the rules, we’ll enforce them.

CommandIQ $0.00
ProtectIQ $5.00
ExperienceIQ $5.00
ProtectIQ + ExperienceIQ $7.00

To add ProtectIQ or ExperienceIQ to your existing Internet service give us a call.
888-926-CARE (2273)