The web can be a harmful place... Content Filtering can keep them safe. Manage screen time. See browsing history. Set restrictions.

Internet Service and Material Harmful to Minors

Important Information About Union Wireless Internet Service and Material Harmful to Minors

As an internet service provider, Union Wireless provides consumers with internet access through mobile and broadband services. This allows our customers to access the internet on devices such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, as well as many other devices.

What is content filtering?

Content filtering, in the most general sense, involves using a software or a hardware-based solution to prevent access to certain online items.

Content filtering options

Content Filtering software, also called Parental Control software, provides a tool to monitor, control, block, and restrict access to harmful material for minors. Additionally, services may also allow customers to:

  1. Monitor social media usage

  1. Set restrictions on what personal information may be shared

  1. Set limits on internet usage such as time-of-day and length-of-use restrictions

You can learn more about what content filtering options are available and read expert reviews at websites such as PC Magazine, CNET, Digital Trends, and many others.

Some popular options for PC-based content filtering available are:

  1. Bark

  1. Mobicip

  1. Net Nanny

  1. OpenDNS

  1. Qustodio

Also, you can find apps and reviews for all the mentioned content filtering, available on the Apple iTunes App store and Google Play Store.