Why do I need to upgrade my device?

Networks all across the country are being modernized to accommodate new 5G capable technologies and old 3G networks are being taken down. These new networks, including Union’s, provide numerous advancements in telecommunication but not all devices are capable of supporting the new technology.

Once 3G networks are taken down, people possessing certain older phones, known as legacy devices, will not be able to make or receive phone calls, not even for emergency services.


Compatible Devices

For a new device to work on Union’s wireless network, the devices must be unlocked, and it must be listed on the Device List

The fastest way to find out if your devices are compatible is to log into your MyUnion account. If a device or SIM upgrade is required, it will be visually represented in your account overview.

My phone is not on Union’s list!

It is important to note that some devices that support HD Voice technology (VoLTE) may not be supported on Union’s network. This is because the device itself cannot be supported without software updates from the corresponding manufacturer. Those software updates, known as carrier bundles, provide the capability for the device to function on Union’s network.

We’re working to expand the list of compatible devices, so if you do not see a particular phone on the list, check back at a later date as new devices will be added over time. BYOD


How do I ensure I purchase a compatible device?

The resources provided below will help ensure that you can purchase a compatible, unlocked device with confidence. If you have not already done so, please review our current Device List